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At Futurmedia, we strive to provide the best price-performance mix in a broad spectrum of digital marketing services:

All-Inclusive Website Services

Having a team of professionals taking care of business website is the right thing to do. You don't want to edit images, modify and layout website content, prepare catchy landing pages, manage meta data, create and manage online ad campaigns,... We do all that for you.

Mobile / Responsive Websites

Responsive website provides excellent user experience (UX) for users on every device - desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. With good UX, users find what they are looking for faster and are more likely to convert to customers.

Social & Online Marketing

Having a business website or online store is one part of the equation. Website or online business needs to promote itself online. It can be done in numerous ways. Most common are online or mobile advertising or using social media where your customers spend their time.


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Our All-Inclusive Website Services

With our all-inclusive approach, each website project includes:

Domain Registration/Hosting

No need to think about trivial things such as domain registration, DNS servers, web hosting - we provide everything on reliable cloud-based infrastructure.

Strategy, UX & UI Consulting

15+ years of experience enables us to provide basic and comprehensive web strategy, user experience, web design and online marketing advice in every project.

Responsive Design

In 2023, every new website should be optimised for modern mobile devices, which is best achieved with responsive design.

Flexible Design Options

Depending on your needs and budget, design options range from creating your website from a template to custom design by an experienced web designers.

Content Management

Choose between making the website content changes yourself using our custom CMS or leave the content updates to us.

Reliable Support

E-mail or phone support available, average request completion time less than 24 hours for content updates to 72 hours for most other requests.

SEO / Social / Analytics

Basic on-site search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,...) and Google Analytics included with every website we build.

Upgrades / Optional Services

Need online advertising (Google Ads, Facebook,...), custom website functionality coding, complete website redesign? No problem.

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